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Artist Submissions

Artist Submissions


Interested in being an artist for an Outwork event? Awesome. Fill out the form below, or shoot us an email at artists.outwork@gmail.com

Deadline to submit for the next event, "BODIES," is May 1st.

We are seeking anyone from painters to video artists to dancers to musicians to spoken word to sculptors—so long as you have an interest in contributing to a safe community with your work, we want to hear from you. This is a fundraising event, where each month, we select a non-profit organization that the community wants to support. 

Artists selected for the month will be encouraged to bring work that is inspired by that month’s theme (list of coming month’s themes can be found on our Upcoming Events Page). We understand that this is not feasible for all types of artists, so additional/separate work is welcome. Visual artists will be expected to donate part of their profit to the organization chosen. For performing artists, proceeds from the sliding scale entrance fee will be donated.

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