Generating space for artists in action.




Genna McAllister // Director

Genna created Outwork after obtaining her BA in Communication and Women's Studies. Drawn by the need for creative solidarity post-election, she hoped to expand her artistic community by harnessing the power of inclusivity and intention in the arts. Genna works as a singer for the First Congregational UCC in downtown Portland, where the activism-based minister Michael Ellick agreed to donate the sanctuary space to Outwork (note: no religious affiliation) in support of using art as a form of resistance. Whether you want to talk big ideas or simply enjoy a quick-witted back-and-forth, she's the person to talk to.

Ali Balter // Visual Expert

Ali Balter is a Portland based painter, sculptor, and collaborator. She received her BFA from the Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2013 and has since focused on strengthening communication and criticism between artists by hosting monthly critique groups in her studio at S1, curating and exhibiting work in Portland and Seattle and guiding workshops that encourage more intuitive art making. Her debut at Outwork involved the dazzling role of "bartender" while selling screen-printed images of her sculptures on t-shirts.

Sea Mason // Event Producer

Sea Mason is a poet, performance artist and visual artist. Their work is largely influenced by the themes of racism, gender, visibility, and nature. Sea got involved in Outwork after performing an original performance piece on the deconstruction and layering of gender identity at our BODIES event. Now, they are a leading force in driving ventures for Outwork. You can find their work here and on Instagram @sea_arte.


Nikki Burian // Marketing, Social Media, Event Coordinator

Nikki Burian is a poet and performance artist originally from the great state of Iowa. Their writing is inspired by gender, relationships, and social justice, and has been featured on SlamFind as well as Woke Monozine. Nikki is passionate about the stories we tell with our bodies, and has a deep love for connecting with people, both on and off stage. Their type-A personality and knack for planning made them a natural addition to the team. They made their Outwork debut at SAFETY ON. You can find more of their work here or on Instagram @nburian.


Andrew Endres // Sound Engineer 

Artist, performer, composer and educator, Andrew Endres has established a following as an outstanding guitarist and gifted musician. Andrew has performed throughout Europe, South America, and the U.S. He has also mixed or had a hand in production at almost every major venue in Portland, Eugene, and Bend. Andrew is a recent graduate of Portland State University where he received his Bachelors of Music Performance with Emphasis on Jazz Studies. Needless to say, this guy knows a thing or two about sound.